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About Us

About kinderspiel

The Kinderspiel Playway School Provide safe, squire & stimulating atmosphere with a equal emphasis on curriculum, creativity and physical activity. The schools mission is to help students discover their talents, develop skills needed for success in future studies and establishment values that will allow them to act with thoughtfulness in the society and to make students outstanding global citizens who have respect for fellow human beings is responsibility towards natural environment.

Play School is a child's first step away from home . It gives a joyous start to the learning of the child. At Kinderspiel we welcome all students for a special mission of fun, excitement and discovery.

The curriculum of Kinderspiel is based on real world sensory experience as most of the day, the child is involved in singing,art, dancing, story session and free play. We aim to provide an enriching and nurturing environment that helps children reach their full potential.

A Message from the Headmistress

Nothing can inspire me more than the bright eyes and beautiful smiles of my children at school.

Thoughts from the heart, well governed and shaped help to plan and build the wonderful heaven called the "KINDERSPIEL".

Each child and every child is our responsibility. People say each child has made a leap from crib to the classroom. While it takes time for the child to adjust in this transition period, the role of teacher is multifold. Here is the point of time where we contribute to reshape curricullum, making it acceptable and meaningful for the child. Today`s little ones come with little learnings and are all set to adapt for new learnings.

Kinderspiel school strives to create an environment of active involvement, innate desire to reason and discover, think and apply to real life situations. The curriculum activities, system and the entire ethos of the institution is designed to make a child discover his/her own self as well as to develop respect for others and the society as whole.

Innovation is the key to knowledge, growth and success. We have developed interesting and intelligent, in house training module for our facilitators. Regular upgradation of methodologies and system is undertaken by involving expert on the subject and field.

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the Kinderspiel in the to provide a gentle first step towards independence for child. We provide a family like structure, and a warm friendly, nurturing environment for all children. The Kinderspiel is open to every child and family from all section of community.

There is a strong social responsibility towards making the Kinderspiel available to everyone from all religions social ethnic and cultural groups; special needs, financial situation etc. we promote equal opportunities and are an anti-discriminatory practice that ensure that every child in included amd not at a disadvantage because of their ethnicity, culture or religion, home language, family background, learning difficulties or gender. It is our aim to ensure that every child in treated as individual with individual needs.

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Science Olympiad Foundation Organizes National Cyber Olympiad (CNCO), National science Olympiad (NSO), International Mathematic Olympiad (IMO) and International English Olympiad (IEO) all over the world. These exams are held over 33,500 other schools and 22 countries participate in the Olympiad.

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About Nursery / Parent

International Olympiad was held in the school for the result time. In its maiden effort, our students showed excellent performance in the international Eng, Sci, and Mathematic Olympiads.

Our students got Gold Medal, Silver Medal, and Bronze Medal along with gifts and participation certificates.